A week ago today I was just recovering from one heck of a journey. It saw The Gold Man travel from King Billy to King’s Cross Station in the name of “telling the World” about Hull’s UK City of Culture Bid. Tonight the news reported that on the 20th November we would know whether or not everyone’s efforts had been successful.

The Cultural Guide to Hull was launched on my journey which began with a quick photo shoot at Hull’s other well known golden man: King Billy. I had with me a team of two. Ian and Ben covering photography and social media. (Thank again chaps.)

The press call was scheduled for 09:30 by the Larkin statue who also wanted to get in on the act.

We travelled on First Hull Trains at 10:30 and jumped off the train at every single stop with a respite hour after Grantham. By this stop the other passengers were becoming familiar with our crazy routine and many were taking photos themselves.

Job done and a slight anti-climax as we completed the short health and safety briefing at King’s Cross which allowed us to “work” on the station. We attracted a lot of attention and the boys from the press who had joined us on our journey completed their journalistic tasks before we were back on the train home at 15:48 due to arrive in Hull at 18:20

It was a very different journey back as there was no need to hop off at every stop. Still some what of a chore as in full gold man make up and garb since 6:30 I was truly beginning to itch.

Glad to be home, the new guides were well and truly launched. Just in time to catch our story on both BBC Look North and Calendar.

Thank you to all the Hull 2017 team, First Hull Trains for allowing us aboard and my friend Andrew for the “welcome to London” greeting!

KB to KX for CoC
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