In 1999 Andy saw an event on the news that both inspired and intrigued him. It was the Wartime Weekend on the North York Moors Railway. An annual event that provides a living history opportunity for re-enactors and people that are interested in the 1940’s.

After being a member of St. John Ambulance for 22 years and still a member of The Most Venerable Order of St. John of Jerusalem, it seemed a logical place to begin. Research using dress regulations of the period and other locally and nationally held information allowed Andy to form the “Joint War Organisation” (JWO) – a World War Two living History Group. It reflects the national organisation that acts in wartime when the British Red Cross and Order of St. John work together.

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The  JWO – Hull is a not for profit community group that attends numerous annual and one off events providing Home front uniformed and civilian characters dressed and behaving in an appropriate manner depicting life in the 1940’s. 

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