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The Gold Man

The street statue that is so much more interactive when you join in. The suited businessman enjoying a fish and chip lunch, sat on a park bench. Just watch out for that pesky Seagull!


Andy is a local guy who has been involved with organising Pride related events in Hull for several years. He joined the Hull LGBT Forum when he came out in 2002.

About Andy

Andy is a professional of many talents who has the ability to make any situation an enjoyable and entertaining one.

Described as a real life Mr Benn not only with costume but also skilled with face & body painting, balloon modelling and puppetry.

Andy began a full time NHS career as a Registered Nurse in Accident & Emergency and after moving into management and then training became self employed which allowed him to build on his experience of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival. He continues to provide training in his own unique style and performances that include stand up and street theatre talents. His creation: The Gold Man has become synonymous with the Hull 2017 UK City of Culture bid. Kate Copstick (Scotsman newspaper) described Andy as a warm, funny, camp entertaining guy but we’ll let you decide!
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