Hello gentle websurfer, thanks to my webmaster Ben for his genius, who makes me efficient with training paperwork and Karl (my Appster and old school chum) continue to inspire me and make up “Team Train” smiley.

After completing a very busy August which saw me visiting Edinburgh (as The Gold Man), Hungary (with Apus Productions), London (with Apus Productions) and Manchester (volunteering for Pride) the fun continued in Arnhem as The Gold Man. Representing the UK at The World Living Statue Championships with over 100 other performers. The piece on BBC Look North by Jo Makel was amazing and can be seen on Facebook (search: The Gold Man or The Gold Man Fan Club.)

Thank you to all who wished me well for the championships. It was a great experience and supported what I already suspected, that the arts and in particular good quality “living statues” are much more valued and supported in other countries.


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